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Support and nurturing

The Learning Ladder team has been so supportive and understanding, patient and kind since Gabriel started here.

Regular communication and updates assure us Gabriel is learning through diverse activities and having lots of fun every day

The Kaiako are attentive, caring, and engaging with the children and we feel blessed to know Gabriel is receiving lots of support and nurturing with such a great team.

The team at The Learning Ladder are very knowledgeable regarding developmental delays, and ASD, and are helpful in navigating every phase of Gabriel’s journey with me.

– Victoria

We are happy because our daughter is happy

The Learning Ladder was great with our daughter's allergies.

Staff went so far as to swap their personal washing powder and stop wearing perfume, while we worked together to find the source of her flare-ups.

Our daughter has formed great relationships with the children and teachers at The Learning Ladder.

She loves their soft gym play area, crafts, and music.

We are happy because she is happy.

– Nicola & Kurt

Above and beyond

The team at The Learning Ladder have been amazing.

The care they have given our girl has been above and beyond, especially as she has now been diagnosed as autistic.

Using their professional training and experience in the field, the Learning Ladder team were the first to notice signs of our daughter possibly being on the spectrum and raised this with us, giving us amazing advice that has enabled us to get a head start on her getting her diagnosis.

Because of their help, we are now able to plan accordingly to get her into the right school environment.

We will forever be grateful for their help, as well as the special relationship they have built with Stevie.

- Amy & Aaron

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

From day one we were made welcome and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

Sophia has learned so much and has made some great friends.

We'll be sad when it's time to move up to big school.

– Jane & David

High staff-to-child ratio

We have been at The Learning Ladder since 2018 and both of our children have absolutely thrived at the centre.

There is always so much on offer for the kids to do and explore within the centre.

It amazes me how much fun stuff they come up with.

The higher staff-to-children ratio has always been a bonus too.

All the kids have so much fun and make fantastic friendships!

I highly recommend The Learning Ladder to anyone looking for a wonderful, caring and interactive centre for their children.

 – Vanessa & Shaun

It takes a village

As a teacher’s child, Quinn was given the same love and respect as all the other children, which allowed me to work and do my job.

The way the teachers supported Quinn’s journey toward school was fabulous, along with helping her grow into the wonderful, resilient little girl that she now is.

The Kura Program set her up so she knew what was expected of her at school and gave her a taste of the structure that would be in school, while also having the chance to explore her play in her own way.

They say it takes it village to raise a child, The Learning Ladder is definitely my village.

– Natalie & David